Applications in OOPS

OOPS provides the following applications that can be used with different models and observations:

Applications running forecast (and computing H(x))

  • Forecast: model forecast

  • HofX: model forecast and computes H(x)

Data assimilation applications

Ensemble applications

These applications are similar to the above but allow users to run several members at once in order to compute a Forecast, HofX or Variational Data Assimilation for an entire ensemble. See the documentation on Ensemble Applications.

  • EnsembleForecast: ensemble of model forecasts

  • EnsembleHofX: ensemble of model forecasts; computes H(x) for each ensemble member.

  • EDA: ensemble of variational data assimilations

Data assimilation helper applications

  • EstimateParams

  • GenEnsPertB: generates an ensemble of states distributed according to a specifed background error covariance, and runs an ensemble forecast from that ensemble.

  • StaticBInit

  • ExternalDFI

  • EnsVariance

  • GenHybridLinearModelCoeffs: generates hybrid tangent linear model coefficients via ensemble forecasts

Applications operating on model states and increments

  • EnsRecenter: recenters ensemble around a provided state

  • AddIncrement: adds increment to the model state

  • DiffStates: computes and saves difference between two model states