JEDI Documentation

Welcome to the Joint Effort for Data assimilation Integration (JEDI)!

JEDI is a unified and versatile data assimilation (DA) system for Earth System Prediction. The JEDI software package can be run on a variety of platforms from laptops to supercomputers, for a variety of purposes, from teaching and learning DA fundamentals to the development and validation of new DA algorithms and observational operators, to leading-edge atmospheric and oceanic research, to operational weather forecasting. It is designed to readily accommodate new atmospheric and oceanic models and new observation systems.

JEDI is developed and distributed by the Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation, a multi-agency research center hosted by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). JCSDA is dedicated to improving and accelerating the quantitative use of research and operational satellite data in weather, ocean, climate and environmental analysis and prediction systems.

JEDI is a community effort and external contributions are welcome. This document serves as both a user manual and a developers’ guide.

If you have questions about the JEDI project, JEDI usage, JEDI components, or this document, please visit our forums.

If you are eager to get going, you can go straight to the JEDI tutorials. Please note that tutorials are specific to releases and some releases do not have companion tutorials. You can choose your desired version of tutorials by clicking on the version number in the bottom left side of the readthedocs page.

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